Our Approach
At OPTedge, we help schools make better use of resources—funding, community support, business partnerships, and more—
to create more options for students and staff. By combining our extensive public education expertise with private sector agility, we line up the right resources at the right time to achieve your goals.
That means we get the vagaries of school finance, and we know they don’t need to limit what schools can offer their students. We are positioned to offer customized services, respond quickly, and much more. And our shared services model allows us to offer a cost savings that benefits your bottom line. Together, we help you make smarter use of the resources at hand and create new opportunities through partnerships with staff, community, and the private sector.
In short, we have got you covered.
Now let’s talk about how we can help.
Our Services
Financial Strategy
From visions that need funding to financial jams that need a fix now, our collaborative team is experienced with developing long-term, sustainable financial solutions that are aimed at positioning schools for success. Every solution is backed by licensed, bonded, and insured finance service professionals. Contact us to get started on a strategy.
Building Administrators — Register today!
Register today for a unique opportunity to learn key strategies for effectively managing the financial resources of your buildings. Engaging your Resources is a course designed specifically for building administrators who want to gain the advantage in meeting their building goals and leading their schools to success. Click here to learn more.
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Full and interim treasurer services
  • Five year forecasting and strategic planning
  • Levy forecasting and planning
  • Alternative revenue stream development
  • Treasurer searches
  • Mentoring
  • Negotiations–collaborative collective bargaining
Operational Solutions
Whether you require more hands on deck or just need temporary help, we can help you build capacity without adding to your central office payroll. By partnering with OPTedge, you can expand capability, fill openings, or augment skill sets where needed on an as-needed basis. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.
  • Communications Services
    • Communications planning and public relations
    • Specialty publications
    • Brand management and website development
    • Event planning
  • Curriculum Services
    • CCIP
    • Gifted
    • Straight A grant implementation
Resource Management

Sometimes outside expertise is needed to bring your vision to life—or just to enhance the opportunities you have on hand. We excel at bringing those resources to you. By tapping into our extensive network of experienced professionals, we mobilize the best, most cost-effective partnerships to expand your means and your reach without adding to your staff count.

As with every OPTedge solution, we tailor the strategy to your needs, whatever they may be. From communications support to business partnership development to government contacts and much more, we help you design and build the scaffolding to bolster your programs, your operations, and your community. Contact us today to start lining up the resources you need to accomplish your goals.

Smart Connections
We create opportunities that strengthen connections between classrooms and careers. Our externship program links teachers with regional businesses to offer a first-hand look at how the subjects and skills they teach relate to business needs and opportunities. The initiative broadens teacher knowledge about career options for their students—and what it takes to land a coveted college slot or job in a given field. It also helps schools calibrate student programs to the skills that are in demand.
The goal: students are better prepared to take their place in a highly competitive and global economy, and regional businesses gain access to a ready workforce that has both applied knowledge and the soft skills that are essential in today’s market.
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